Moise Burks

Gospel According to Moise Burks

Gospel is great music that perhaps people shy away from because of its unabashed religious content. This may be because the listener doesn’t share the faith (or perhaps have any faith at all) and feel that they are intruding on somebody’s else’s religious service.

As much as I enjoy gospel music, I’ve always felt a bit out of place. It is sort of like I am watching a close-knit family I don’t know celebrate a happy occasion. It’s nice, but none of my business. That shouldn’t be an issue, of course. These people want to spread the word and have found a great way to do so.

Gospel music is one of the hearts of American music. It’s in the DNA of jazz, blues, rock, country and classical music. Great names – Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding and Whitney Houston to name three — started singing in church. The list is long and illustrious.

Above is a short video on the Mississippi Mass Choir features the dynamic Moise Burks. The song is “When I Rose this Morning.” The entire video is below. It, “I’m Not Tired Yet”–another great one–and more on the choir is here. YouTube links to the songs are here and here.

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