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It’s All Got to Go Somewhere: 5 Choices for Best Turntable Stand

Finding the right record player stand is common sense. That’s quite a relief after dealing with tracking angles, phono stages, decibel levels, the relative merits of passive and active speakers and all the other  technical elements of an audio equipment.

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That said, there are many things to think about when researching and shopping for a turntable stand for your equipment and, perhaps, some or all of the vinyl records you own.

Shopping for a turntable stand clearly is not as fun and glitzy as shopping for technology. It is vital, however. This platform, after all, must fit into your home while providing adequate shelf space and, most importantly, a solid foundation upon which some very sensitive equipment will operate. In fact, the quality of one of the most sensitive and vital operations–the angle at which the stylus rides within the vinyl’s groove–is impacted by the stability and level flatness of the table upon which the turntable or record player sits.

Why We Need Great Gear: Rudy Van Gelder and Art Blakey
art blakey
Sound engineer Rudy Van Gelder was legendary for his ability to make records with immediacy and intimacy. An example is Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers’ classic vinyl recording of “Moanin’. Check it out the title track
Turntable stands range from flimsy and cheap to substantial and expensive. Some are just tables that are repurposed to hold up turntables and record players. Special attention must be paid to these, since they may be old and uneven. Others are fine furniture. In addition to being level and stable, look for turntable stands that provide room for system growth And, since it’s also likely to be home to at least some of your vinyl record collection, think about whether you want all your albums collocated with the equipment or just a selection. The danger is having albums haphazardly piled up. That’s not good for the records or the person who does the cleaning.

The ability of the record player stand to expand is less of concern in the short term if the equipment is an all-in-one record player with a set footprint, not a component system in which elements likely will be changed out and/or added with fair regularity. If the later is the case, make sure that there is ample room to accommodate the audio gear you may buy in the future. For instance, adding a tube preamp improves sound and looks cool. The space it takes up must be accounted for, however.

Indeed, the odds probably favor your system’s footprint growing over time.Think ahead–or be prepared to replace the turntable stand.

Also think about where you will place the system: Do you want it in the living room, where a change in size in the system may have ripple effects? Would the den or spare bedroom offer more flexibility?

Where the Records Will Go is a Key Decision

Most record player stands come with vinyl storage space. The amount can vary greatly between tables. It’s possible to store more often listened to records near the device and the “archives” of the vinyl enthusiast’s collection elsewhere. How this will play out is something to consider.

Records stored in the unit next to or abreast of the turntable or record player must be evenly distributed. Weighing down one side even a bit may create a tilted surface and reduce fidelity by shifting the angle at which the stylus sits in the grooves. I am no expert, but it seems possible that even a slight imbalance could degrade record player fidelity. A great imbalance potentially could harm the disc or the cartridge. It also seems that flimsy record player stands may be more vulnerable to this problem. So think of the relationship between how your record turntable platform is configured and how you actually use your vinyl collection.

When shopping for a record player stand, a key consideration — perhaps the most important — is to choose one that offers the sturdiest surface. Consider buying furniture in which the bottom is entirely on the floor (as opposed to spindly hairpin legs). This is especially true of lower-priced tables that are not likely to be designed carefully or be made of high quality wood. If you buy a stand with hairpin legs, make sure that they are adjustable.

It’s really not a bad idea use a carpenter’s level (the little metal tube with the bubble display) to make sure that the unit is flat. This also is a good step if you are repurposing a piece of furniture that you already own. Any imbalance can be fixed. A slightly off kilter surface of course is not the end of the world, but all things being equal flat is better and not particularly hard to achieve.

If your equipment will be in a hot spot that catches a lot of midday sun it may be prudent to select a different location for your vinyl record storage. A cool spot for vinyl storage is recommended.

Again, it’s common sense. Buying a record player cabinet with a surface area barely able to fit today’s system may be limiting going forward. You will be forced to either buy a new turntable stand or improvise with a second table. This may work out fine–or it may be awkward.

Make sure a multi-level unit has adequate openings in the back panel or shelves for cable management. Drilling into something you just dropped a good deal of money on is distasteful–as is having cables all over the place. This  is particularly important if you buy something not expressly intended to be used for a turntable or record player.

5 Tips for Selecting the Best Record Player Stand
– Buy stands and furniture that can accommodate growing systems and have adequate record storage options
– Make sure the record player stand is stable and level
– Remember: This is a piece of furniture. Solid wood is best
– Make sure your analog gear will be well housed if you are buying an entertainment center with multiple media components
– If not purpose-built for equipment, make sure the record player stand has hidden cable conduits
It is a bad idea to squeeze records together tightly. So if you are looking to combine the the turntable stand with vinyl storage, make sure to provide plenty of space for the discs.

Selecting a record player stand seems innocuous and, certainly, the temptation to pick something cheap will be great. It’s a bit misleading, however. It’s important to select a platform that provides solid support for the turntable and convenience for vinyl storage.

And, of course, get something that complements your record player and most importantly the decor and looks of the room. I am about the worst person possible to provide useful insight on that.

5 Candidates for Best Turntable Stand from Crosley, Line Phono, Darla’Studio, Novogratz and Victrola

Note: All images are courtesy of the manufacturer. Hover over images for a closer view (in most cases). Vendors have unique short hands for specifications. I’ve more or less left these unchanged, so the capsules are a bit inconsistent.  The paraphrased comments are subjective (and, indeed, sometimes contradictory). Folks sometimes use equipment incorrectly and then complain. Problems mentioned may have been addressed by the manufacturer. I also in most cases leave out “cons” based on poor delivery times (which may not be the fault of the manufacturer) and the criticisms that the devices didn’t function properly. If of course is entirely possible that the critique is correct. It also is true that in many cases people set things up wrong or don’t follow instructions.  

Amazon has a tremendous amount of information and feedback on the what it sells and is a recommended element of your shopping research. If you do shop and potentially buy from Amazon, please link to there from HiFi and Vinyl Now. If you are kind enough to do so we’ll get a small commission. The price you pay will remain the same. (Thanks!)

Crosley Furniture’s Everett Record Stand

Crosley Furniture’s Everett Mid-Century Modern Record Player Stand is mahogany features a full overlay door and holds approximately 75 albums, with record slots to keep them separate.  The mahogany finish is hand rubbed and the hardware is metal.


What People are Saying about Crosley Furniture's Everett Record Stand
+ Good value for the price
+ Sliding doors easily installed
+ Plenty of room for several audio devices
– Not deep enough, insufficient cable holes, poor material
– Poorly constructed and brittle
– Cheap fasteners

Line Phono Turntable Station

These are two models of the Line Phono Turntable Station. One is extra high, topping out at 7 feet. It also is designed for larger amplifiers. The turntable stands come in four cols and accommodate most turntables and has a footprint of 2.6 square feet.

Line Phono says that the piece has vinyl storage for 100 records and has steel and rubber feet that can be individually leveled. It also offers a accessory shelf.


What People are Saying about the Line Phono Turntable System
+ Good design and finish
+ Functional, designed specifically for a turntable
+ Welll packed for shipment
– Not sturdy, subject to vibration
– Not worth the money
– Table is not stable

Darla’Studio 66 Cherry Stained Turntable Stand

Darla’Studio 66 Cherry Stained Turntable Stand is designed to look like the offspring of how many folks spent their youth toting albums from home to college and back again, though it is much bigger than those old crates. It’s fair to say that it’s retro in a somewhat different way than the term generally is used.

The unit has dimensions of 2″ (H) x 19.75″ (W) x 15.25″ (D). It holds about 60 records and comes fully assembled.


What People are Saying about the Darla'Studio 66 Cherry Stained Turntable Stand
+ Liked it so much ordered a second despite smell from stain
+ Well made and sturdy
+ Very functional
– Promised cherry color actually brownish
– More crate than furniture

Novogratz Brittany Turntable Stand

Novogratz BritannyThe Novogratz Brittany is a walnut turntable stand is a retro unit made of wood veneer with angled real wood legs. It has a walnut finished There is a separate drawer for remotes and cables.

The legs of the Novogratz Brittany make the unit a bit reminiscent of old time TVs. It supports as much as 50 lbs. and the lower cubby can support 40 lbs of albums. The dimensions are 30” (H) x 19.8” (W) x 17. 72” (D).


What People are Saying about the The Novogratz Brittany
+ Easy and straight forward assembly
+ Sturdy, drawers have nice pull
+ Inexpensive enough to allow continued experimentation
– Product smells
– Weak particleboard material
– Slow product replacement

Victrola Entertainment Stand with Record Holder

Victrola Entertainment Stand with Record Holder is made of vinyl. It is rectangular with dimensions of 24.4″ x 23″ x 17″ and the weight is 31.4 Lbs.

It is rectangular and stores more than 130 records. This is the most of any of the record player tables we saw listed at Amazon.


What People are Saying about the Victrola Entertainment Stand
+ Came assembled except for legs
+ Solidly built
+ Holds sufficient amount of albums
– Color mismatch with Victrola record player
– Not sturdy
– Cheaply made

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